Kids Bicycle (14T)

Model - Planet

Model Specifications:
Wheel size : 14"*1.75"
Age : 3 to 5
Size : 14T

Model - Planet IC

Model Specifications:
Wheel size : 14"x1.75"
Age : 3 to 5
Size : 14T

Model - MAX

Model Specifications:
3 colour options
Age : 3 to 5
size : 14T

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Let the patrons speak for us!


"My ride does turn a few eyes when I ride it in my building complex"- Rahul, 9


"My cycle is now more than 5 years old, I have just changed the seat till now." - Aman, 16


"My kid will only eat food when sitting in his cycle"-Sweta, a mother

Fairly Priced

"We have provided all our factory staff with Gora Cycle for daily commute"- Mr.Ravi

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